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Avenal State Prison 

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California Institution for Women opened in 1952 and until 1987 was California's only prison for women felons. It was originally called 'Frontera' a feminine derivative of the word frontier- a new beginning. The campus like design was keeping with the 1950's progressive notion of rehabilitation

When it opened as California's third correctional institution in 1941, CIM was unique in the field of penology because it was known as the "prison without walls." The only "security" fence around the facility units was a five-strand barbwire livestock fence, intended mainly to keep the dairy cows from wandering through the living areas. CIM has since increased security to meet the challenges a vastly different inmate population requires.

Standard  $59.95

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California Institution for Women

California Institution for Men 

Avenal prison was the first institution solicited by a local community.  When it opened in 1987, it was the first all-new prison built in California in 20 years and was originally known as Kings County State Prison.  On February 22, 1988, it was officially named Avenal State Prison.

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