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CSP- Corcoran

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CSP-Solano - When the prison opened in 1984, it was administered by the warden of the California Medical Facility.  In January 1992, the two prisons were separated administratively and a warden was assigned to each prison.


Our Price $59.95

Our Price $59.95

CSP-Corcoran is built on what was once Tulare Lake, home of the Tachi Indians.  It was the first California prison with a separate facility built exclusively to house Security Housing Unit inmates.

CSP-Sacramento is located adjacent to Folsom State Prison.  When it first opened in 1986, the prison was administered by the Folsom warden and was called New Folsom.  In October 1992, its name was changed to CSP-Sacramento, and was administered as a separate prison with its own warden.

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