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Standard Price: $59.95

Soledad - CTF

Soledad Limited Edition

Limited Edition Price: $85

Soledad Standard

Limited Edition Buckles are Silver/Gold Plated and Numbered

Soledad -In the early months of 1946 the Carlyle Thorpe property four miles north of Soledad, on Highway 101, was selected as a suitable location for the new prison that would become the Correctional Training Facility (CTF), and 936.15 acres was purchased at a cost of $239,465.67. In August 1946, the first dormitory was constructed to house inmates at South Facility and was attached to San Quentin as a farming camp. In August, 1949, work was started on the construction of Central Facility housing the first inmates on December 3, 1951. In March, 1956, work was started on the construction of North Facility housing the first inmates in September, 1958.

Lapel Pin  $15

The lapel pins are just smaller scale than the regular buckles 

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